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Brisbane Survey Results

Following our recent blog post on our sold-out Brisbane launch event, the DTP leadership team is pleased to provide a summary of the key findings from the important community engagement part of the event whereby three key questions were asked of the audience:

1. What could the DTP do for you to help accelerate your DTw journey / initiatives?
2. What are the current gaps hindering your take up of Digital Twins – i.e. working groups?
3. How can “we” as industry better support government?

the responses were categorised into two key focus areas - Strategic and Technical. The outcomes of these findings will help drive the direction of DTP activities and also shape it's first whitepaper to be released at the DTP Melbourne launch event on Thursday 10th November.

Question 1 - “What could DTP do for you to accelerate your DT initiatives?”

This question is directly linked to the DTP vision to accelerate the adoption of Digital Twins and help enable DTP to focus its energy in the most important areas.

The strategic aspects of advocacy, community building and a clear narrative closely align with the goals of DTP.

Not surprisingly standards development and data sharing led the technical responses.

Other notable suggestions included running an innovation challenge, a pitching challenge and providing mentoring.

Question 2 - “What are the current gaps hindering your or your clients take up of Digital Twins”

Strategic blockers led the way in terms of current gaps hindering the take up of Digital Twins.

Understanding the value and benefits clearly shone out as the major barrier. Somewhat linked to this was communicating a clear, compelling narrative to enable DTw investment.

Considering that the attendees at the DTP launch were probably more informed about Digital Twins, it was interesting to note that a significant proportion didn’t know where to start.

In terms of technical barriers - data trust, capability and digital literacy claimed the highest responses.

Other interesting responses included uncertainty and risk associated with delivery, and differentiating DTw from an IT project.

Question 3 - “How can “we” as industry better support government?’’

Strategic actions were favoured in terms of supporting government with their Digital Twin implementations.

The overwhelming top response was to help with benefits and use cases.

Partnering with government was also popular. This would be worth exploring further in terms of how a partnership would work.

Interestingly, promoting and celebrating the achievements of government also came through strong. This is an action that the DTP will pursue swiftly and consistently.

In terms of technical support, this includes advocating for data sharing, capability development and improving data literacy.

Other notable responses included communicating the value of data and providing leadership and guidance on investing in enabling technology .

The raw data from the survey conducted in Brisbane can be found here.

Next steps

The DTP leaderlship team and its supporters will now build these responses into a strategic direction and delve into them further as part of the development of the upcoming DTP white paper.

The DTP will also ask the same questions at other upcoming DTP events. Gathering data and feedback on how DTP can benefit government and industry is crucial to our success and will feature as a regular occurance.

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