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The Brisbane Launch debrief

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The DTP was delighted to host a packed-out room at its launch in Brisbane on Friday morning. More than 50 people were treated to breakfast and the fine company of the Queensland Digital Twin community. The vibrancy, energy and support during both the networking and DTP sessions demonstrated that the initiative is hitting the right notes.

Gavin Cotterill started the event by outlining the vision of the DTP leadership, before Kate Williams hosted a panel session with Steve Jacoby, Matt Collins and Michelle Teis on the importance of Digital Twins to SEQ.

One of the eagerly awaited talks came from Steve Jacoby on the progress of the SEQ Digital Twin initiative. He outlined the complexity around creating a simple narrative for the government investment in Digital Twins. Pleasingly the investment is coming closer to being a reality.

During the discussions and panel sessions the importance of a clear, compelling narrative continued to be highlighted. Given this significant challenge in the early stages of Digital Twin development, the narrative will be an early focus for the DTP working groups in the coming months.

Our initial three key take-aways from the event:

  • Early sell out indicates a craving for in person Digital Twin events

  • Its complex to create a simple, compelling narrative for Digital Twin investment, however significant progress is being made in Queensland

  • DTP are compiling the priority initiatives from the workshop to inform the next steps and have started to build an active Digital Twin community.

We are now compiling the results and feedback from participants during the engagement sessions. These sessions addressed a range of topics including:

  • What could DTP do for you to accelerate your Digital Twin initiatives?

  • What are the current gaps hindering your or your clients take up of Digital Twins?

  • How can "we" as industry better support government in their Digital Twin implementations?

The responses are helping to shape the DTP as we accelerate the adoption of Digital Twin across Australia. To see the responses from participants on these questions visit our resources page here.

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