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The Adelaide Launch debrief

By: Nathan Quadros, DTP Leadership Team and Digital and Spatial Business Lead at Veris

We had a great turnout at our recent event in Adelaide!

We had over 50 attendees interact with the panel discussion featuring Digital Twin Victoria, Live NSW, and Aerometrex as they shed light on some of the key themes surrounding digital twins. The prominent challenges discussed were the need for workforce development, data literacy, and effectively delivering on the benefits of digital twins. The measurement of both direct and indirect benefits of spatial digital twins was acknowledged as particularly challenging.

A major area for improvement identified during the discussion was the simplification of the user experience and interface of digital twins. Currently, the technical nature of the experience poses a barrier, and there is a strong desire for a more user-friendly approach.

Understanding the costs associated with creating digital twins emerged as another crucial aspect. It is vital to clearly identify use cases and articulate the benefits to gain a better understanding of the investment required. This message has consistently resonated throughout various events, emphasizing its significance.

Furthermore, the whole of room discussion highlighted the importance of sharing the value of digital twins. People are keen to identify the key benefits that support investment in digital twins and effectively convey these advantages.

The main theme that emerged from the questionnaire responses aligns with these discussions—increased awareness and communication are key in realising the full potential of digital twins. Educating stakeholders, sharing experiences, and showcasing tangible benefits are vital for successful adoption and collaboration between industry and government.

Many thanks to Alison, Wayne and David, and thanks also to Locate and Aerometrex for their support.

Let's continue the conversation and work together to build a thriving digital twin ecosystem that drives innovation and transformative outcomes. #DigitalTwins #Innovation #Collaboration

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