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Digital Twin Partnership NZ launches to support sustainable growth across New Zealand

Updated: May 30, 2023

By: Jannat Maqbool, DTP-NZ Leadership Team

A group of industry leaders today has announced the formation of the Digital Twin Partnership New Zealand (DTP-NZ) – aligning with the Digital Twin Partnership launched in Australia and extending to the network of other developing international partnerships in this space.

The DTP-NZ provides a forum for building advocacy, capability development, and stakeholder collaboration - underpinned by a Te ao Māori approach unique to NZ – to advance Digital Twin as a critical enabler for the digital economy in New Zealand.

Dr Kat Salm, one of the members of the DTP-NZ leadership team, is excited to see this initiative being launched in Aotearoa, and the opportunities this presents for us to leverage the power of digital to help address some our critical challenges.

“Our leadership team has come together with a shared vision of advancing Digital Twin for New Zealand. We face a myriad of big challenges and see the power that a Digital Twin approach can bring to helping solve these complex problems and informing better decision making. We are also excited to affiliate with other DT groups in Australia and around the world so we can connect and share experiences and knowledge to strengthen our capabilities here in Aotearoa”.

To help realise the vision, the DTP-NZ will focus on three core areas of activity, namely:

  1. Advocacy - To be the trusted source of knowledge and a leading advocate regarding the benefits and application of Digital Twin infrastructure across public and private sectors in New Zealand.

  2. Capability - To build capacity through collaboration, innovation and standardisation, and act as a catalyst for leading Digital Twin policy making and practice.

  3. Community - To bring together a diverse community of stakeholders to help share and learn about leading Digital Twin policy and practice, and to work together to solve problems at the macro scale.

Underpinning these, will be key Te ao Māori values that help to root us in our uniquely NZ context, including Kaitiakitanga (guardianship/stewardship/sustainability), Kotahitanga (collaboration), and Whanaungatanga (shared experience to foster belonging).

DTP-NZ Leadership team member, Chau Nguyen says. ““The opportunity to empower Aotearoa to be more resilient in an ever-changing environment through the realisation of Digital Twins is a potential game changer for all industries. DTP-NZ’s mission is to advocate and educate people, government, and industry for the greater good of Aotearoa.”

The launch in New Zealand has been inspired and supported by our DTP counterparts in Australia, whose successful model has formed the basis for the DTP-NZ structure. The Australian DTP leadership team and network congratulated DTP-NZ on it’s launch.

“New Zealand is renowned for innovation and has world-leading Digital Twin programmes with diverse use cases that will drive economic benefit, assist decision-making for infrastructure investment, aid in adaptation planning for climate change, and develop resilience to natural disasters. DTP-NZ will support the Digital Twin industry as it grows, and we look forward to seeing NZ continue their rapid Digital Twin journey.”

The DTP-NZ will be hosting two launch events in New Zealand – the first on 6th June in Christchurch and the second in the North Island in August.

Further information about the DTP-NZ and how to subscribe for updates can be found here.

The DTP-NZ leadership team is also calling for expressions of interest for those interested in participating in its activities, which can be found on the website.

A copy of the Media Release can be found below.

Download PDF • 131KB


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